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Club Honour Roll

Life Members

The Club works through the contribution of Members with their time expertise and Labour but also acknowledges the significant contributions by it’s Members who go above and beyond reasonable expectations and make significant contribution to the Club through Life Membership of the Club.


Bryan Collis

Bryan was awarded life membership in 2023.
Bryan joined the club in 2003 and was active on the Business Planning sub-committee before joining the Committee in 2008. He served the Club in Committee positions for 13 years, as Business Planning Officer, Treasurer (twice) and as President.
Bryan was deeply involved with the following issues on behalf of the Club over this time:
• Replacement of Waragun’s windows.
• Business process improvement including accounting, budgeting and cashflow.
• Relations with our lessors, NPWS and KT, including renewal of leases.
• Relations with our insurers and bank, including the re-financing of the Club’s loan.
• Relations with the NSW Dept of Planning, concerning development applications and approvals.
• Completion of Tiobunga and subsequent warranty issues.
• The insurance claim and remediation works following the Tiobunga water damage in 2018 and the re-opening a week before season start in 2019.
• Application for and negotiations with NPWS and KT over Covid-19 rent relief.
• Obtaining Covid-19 relief made available by the Federal and NSW governments, including small business grants and Jobkeeper.
• Amendments to the Club’s Constitution and By-Laws.
Bryan has also represented the Club in the cross-country section of the Balmain Cup.

Mike Bromfield

Mike Bromfield was awarded Life Membership in 2018. He served on the committee for 15
years, as Ski Development Officer, VP Management, Business Planning Officer and President.

Mike assisted in finding the legal firm that successfully sought compensation for the loss of

Many of his photos grace the bunkrooms in the club’s lodges.

Mike organised Kids’ and Ladies’ Weekends and a cross-country touring calendar. He was
junior club champion in 1974, men’s club champion in 1994 and raced for the Club numerous times.

Mike led the Business Planning Subcommittee that developed financial principles and booking rules still in use today, helping transform the club from its darkest days after the loss of Carinya and through the temporary closure of old Tiobunga. He worked to broaden the appeal of the club with initiatives resulting in over 60 new members.

James Lawrence

James Lawrence was awarded life membership in 2018.

At this time he had served 9 years on the committee as Ski Development Officer, Information Officer, Club Captain and VP Management and President.

James negotiated accommodation for members in other Thredbo clubs for several years after the Thredbo landslide. He assisted in managing the planning and construction of Waragun.

On the Business Planning subcommittee, he helped formulate several of the financial and
operational principles and the booking rules by which the club still operates today.

James has undertaken numerous projects in the lodges while staying on holiday, including
speaker installations in Waragun and Tiobunga.

James organised teams and raced for the club in numerous races. He ran and promoted club championships as well as organising multiple ski development activities each year.

Heather McCalman

Heather McCalman was made a life member in 2011.

Heather was president for 4 years during a very challenging period for the Club and particularly for the committee - i.e. the planning for and construction of the new Tiobunga.

As well as president Heather also served on the Tiobunga Building Subcommittee. Heather overcame numerous significant challenges to deliver an excellent outcome for the Club as evidenced by the completion of Tiobunga on schedule.

Heather was also on the rebuilding subcommittee for Thredbo and served 2 years as Events
Manager on the committee.

Heather has represented the club over a long period of time in ski competitions including when she was an Australian representative.

Richard Gallimore

At the AGM in 2005 Richard Gallimore was granted Life Membership.

At the time of his appointment, Richard had served for 10 years on the Committee. Richard was Club Captain in 1996 and 1997.

Between 1996 and 1998, Richard was deeply involved in the Club’s protracted negotiations with the Canberra YMCA. regarding the Club’s relationship with the YMCA This resulted in the Club’s break with the YMCA in 1997 and it formally becoming the Brindabella Ski Club in May 1998.

Richard was primarily responsible for the drafting of the 1997 Club Rules, seeing them adopted by the Club and approved by the Registrar of Incorporated Associations, the NPWS and Kosciuszko Thredbo.

From 1997 to 2004 Richard acted as Legal Officer during the Club’s compensation case against the NSW Government for Carinya’s loss in the Thredbo landslide in July 1997 and in negotiations with Kosciuszko Thredbo for a new lodge site.

Richard was President in 1998 and 1999 and again between 2001 and 2004, and VP Thredbo in 2005. Richard played a significant role in the planning, associated with the construction of the Club’s new lodge at Thredbo.

Kurt Haggstrom

Kurt Haggstrom was elected to Life Membership of the Club at the AGM in 2001.

Besides serving on the Committee on several occasions, he was engaged in construction work in the latter stages of the first major redevelopment of Tiobunga in the early 1960s. In the late 1960s he was seconded to the sub-committee planning the construction of Carinya.

He was also very heavily involved in the actual construction of the first stage of Carinya. Later he was involved in building of the northern extension of Kyilla and the major refurbishments of both Kyilla and Tiobunga. He was responsible for the project management of the extension of Carinya.

Kurt’s even temperedness and pleasant disposition enabled him to resolve many difficult situations particularly in his negotiations on behalf of the Club with various government authorities.

Rasa Mauragis

Rasa Mauragis was made a Life Member at the Club’s AGM in 1997.

Rasa was President of the Club between 1994 and 1997.

Rasa made significant contributions to the Club during the renovations of Carinya prior to the Thredbo landslide and in her support for members during the difficult 1996, 1997 and 1998 years which involved the dispute with the Canberra YMCA followed shortly thereafter by the landslide which destroyed Carinya and Bimbadeen Lodge.

Roger Smith

Roger Smith was awarded Life Membership in 1990. Immediately after joining in 1962 Roger became involved in Club affairs, initially particpating in the first major extension and refurbishment of Tiobunga. During the period of 1969-1990 he was very active in the Club administration holding Committee positions for 16 years - eleven as President, two as VP Thredbo and one each as Secretary, competitions Officer and Membership Secretary.

He steered the Club through some difficult times and in spite of the demands of a senior position in the Australian Public Service devoted many hours to his duties as a Club Administrator. He was also very active in the construction of Carinya between 1969 and 1971, and also organised the various mandatory fire upgrades of all the Club's lodges.

Paul Bradley

Paul Bradley was awarded his Life Membership in 1984.

Paul has occupied the positions of President, Club Captain, Vice-President (Guthega).

During the major extension of Tiobunga in 1962-63 Paul served on the sub-committee set up to redevelop the lodge and was also heavily involved in the construction work associated with the project.

Between 1968 and 1969 Paul was also a member of the sub-committee set up to build Carinya and was heavily involved in the construction work on the first stage of the building providing his many skills as a plumber and in other areas of the construction work.

In his time as Vice-President (Guthega) Paul was involved in the substantial project of extending Kyilla and in the upgrading both Kyilla and Tiobunga.

Dorothy Brown

Dorothy Brown was made a Life Member in 1978, the first female member to have been so honoured.

Dorothy served as Membership Secretary in 1961 and 1962, as Booking Officer during the period of the major extension of Tiobunga whilst also being involved in actual construction work, as Assistant Treasurer in 1965 and 1966 and Publicity Officer in 1967.

Dorothy was a member of the Sub-Committee appointed to investigate the construction of a lodge in Thredbo.

Dorothy was involved in the design of the kitchen plan for Carinya and she handled the arduous task of maintaining the member's loan register for the Carinya project. Dorothy also served on many sub-committees.

Keith Arscott

In 1975 the late Keith Arscott, the President of Canberra, YMCA for many years was made an Honorary Life Member of the Club.

Although Keith was a non-skiing member (it is doubtful if Keith ever put on a pair of skis), Keith was a very great supporter of the Club right from its early beginnings.

Keith was always impressed by the Club's enthusiasm and sense of independence, its ability to run it affairs efficiently and to raise its own finance and to meet its obligations.

Keith saw the Club as a 'do-it-yourself' self-help organisation - a belief which was confirmed many times in later years.

Keith was instrumental in assisting the Club in obtaining finance from our bank to undertake construction of the first stage of Carinya.

Wal Costanzo

In 1974 Wal Costanzo was granted Life Membership for his work on the extension of the original Tiobunga living room, for the time he had served on the Committee and for his involvement in the work of the planning sub-committee associated with the major extension of Tiobunga in 1962 to 1963.

Wal was also heavily involved in the organisational and actual construction work on the lodge.

It is understood that Wal spent over 20 weekends at Guthega during the extension of Tiobunga.

Wal later worked on the construction of Carinya between 1968 and 1969.

Harry Black

On the Club's 20th Anniversary in 1971, the Club awarded Honorary Life Membership to the Club's founder the late Harry Black.

Harry had inspired the early enthusiasts, convened the first meetings, arranged the finance to buy the first bus and served on the Committee for the first 6 years, when he was the driving force in the Club.

Harry is thus the founder of the Club and has continued his membership and interest through the years. The Club has changed considerably since those early days but of Harry Black one could say that without him there would have been no Club.

Bob MacGregor

The fifth Honorary Life Member (in 1970) was the late Bob MacGregor.

Since 1965 Bob's name has been synonymous with the Club's maintenance and building activities.

Bob's great contribution was the organisation and building of Carinya lodge at Thredbo spending over 30 weekends on the job in late 1968 and the first half of 1969.

Bob has also been President once, Vice-President three times and Club Captain twice.

George Dudzinski

In 1969 the late George Dudzinski became the fourth Honorary Life Member with five years as Club Captain and three years as Vice-President (skiing). No person had served longer on the Committee.
For 12 years he has been at the centre of skiing and racing in the Club, and represented the Club in the Balmain Cup, including both occasions when the Club won the Cup.
George also organised the Club's program of maintenance and stocking of huts on the Main Range.

Robin Miller

The third life membership award was to Robin Miller, in 1965 for long steady service to the Club.

He has occupied the positions of President, Secretary, Bookings Officer and Vice-President, and has been active in all fields of Club activities.

His major contribution was in the planning and organisation of the major extension of Tiobunga in 1962 to 1963.

He has also represented the Club in langlauf.

Gene Herbert

In 1963 the second Life Membership went to the late Gene Herbert.

Gene was Secretary for one year, President for two and Publicity Officer for 2½ years.

Gene's advice, ideas, drive and organisational ability played a key role in the expansion of the
Club. As the inspirer of the Kyilla project, Gene spent practically every weekend in the summer of 1960 in the mountains and most of the week doing the organisational work associated with construction.

No other person has done so much to make the Club what it is today.

Audun Fristad

The first Life Membership, in 1962, went to the late Audun Fristad.

Audun's great contribution was the technical knowledge and supervision of the construction of Kyilla in 1960.

Audun also planned the extension to Tiobunga (1959) and helped with the reconstruction (1963).

Without Audun's contribution the lodges at Guthega would not exist.

He was Vice-President of the Club in 1957 and represented the Club for many years in langlauf.


Brindabella is very proud to have two Winter Olympians represent Australia

Jarryd Hughes

Dual Olympian, Olympic Silver Medalist, X Games Gold Medalist

Jarryd has been an active member of the Club since he joined as a Junior at 13. When training competition and injuries have allowed Jarryd has competed for the Club in the Balmain Cup winning the Snowboard competition.

Jarryd has competed at X Games where he became the first Australian Male to win a Winter X Games Gold Medal in 2016

At the 2018 PyeongChang Olympic Games Jarryd won the Silver Medal. This was the first medal for Australia in the Snowboardcross Discipline.

Jarryd has won two World Cups, is the youngest Australian to ever win a World Cup and the youngest person to be World #1 on the FIS Snowboardcross World tour at 16years of age.

Jarryd has also won Gold and Silver Medals at the FIS Junior World Championships

Jeannette Korten

At 26 years of age, Jeannette Korten competed in alpine skiing at the Olympic Winter Games in Salt Lake City. Korten contested the slalom finishing in 25th place and the giant slalom, in which she was disqualified in her second run for not passing through a gate correctly.

The Canberra resident recorded her best results on the international circuit at the 1996 World Championships where she finished 15th in the Combined event. She qualified for the Olympic Winter Games by recording a 27th place in the slalom at the World Championships in St Anton.

Men’s Snowboard Cross Big Final | PyeongChang 2018

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