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I Have a Booking - Now What?

If you have paid for your booking then you will receive a Trip List email on the Thursday morning prior to your stay  detailing your room allocation, door code and other information that will make your stay more enjoyable.

Cancellation Policy

The Club understands that Members sometimes need to cancel a whole booking or part of a booking (e.g. the weekend of a 7 night booking).

Please notify the Administration Manager as soon as possible of any cancellations.  If you need to cancel your booking at the last minute, please contact the lodge manager as a courtesy. If you are unable to contact the lodge manager, please contact someone in the lodge. This will eliminate any concerns that people in the lodge may have for the safety of people who are booked and don’t show up, as well as allowing the possibility of last minute bookings.

Cancellations cannot be made on line.  Please contact the Administration Manager by email, phone or fax.

A booking that is held and then cancelled during busy times has an impact on the amenity of the club for other members who may have missed out on the opportunity to book, as well as the revenue of the club and through it all the members.

Cancellation fees are as follows:

  • 20% fee if notified more than 28 days before booking start
  • 50% fee if notified between 28 and 7 days before booking start
  • 80% fee if notified less than 7 days before booking start

Special consideration will be given for cancellations made for medical or other special reasons. Please forward a medical certificate or other information to the Administration Manager with your cancellation request.

Booking Changes

The Club understands that Members sometimes need to change the details of their booking.

A booking change processing fee applies.

Contact the Administration Manager to discuss your request.

Special consideration will be given for changes made for medical or other special reasons. Please forward a medical certificate or other information to the Administration Manager with your change request.

Whole of Lodge Bookings

Whole of lodge bookings for any season (including Summer) may be made by emailing the Administration Manager.

  • Summer: whole of lodge bookings may be made at any time for most dates in Summer, except as described below.

The club has two lodges in Guthega: Kyilla and Tiobunga. A whole of lodge booking may be made for either lodge at any time, except where there is already a whole of lodge booking for one lodge on the desired date. In this case, a whole of lodge booking may be made for the other lodge at any time after three months prior to the desired date.

Specific dates during the year are popular among members for making individual bookings. To give all members access to mountain events / holiday weekends each year these dates have been excluded from availability for whole of lodge bookings.  Whole of lodge bookings for these dates may be made from three months prior to the date. These dates are specific to each resort and the list may change through the year as events are announced. The list of nominated dates is published on the Booking Procedures page of the club web site.

  • Winter: whole of lodge bookings may be made for dates in Winter from booking round 4.

Where a whole lodge booking is not possible due to a small number of existing bookings, a large group may make a group booking for the remaining beds under similar conditions to a whole lodge booking.  The whole lodge accommodation rate will be adjusted on the basis of the number of beds allocated to the group.  Please contact the Administration Manager to discuss your request

A deposit of 25% of the total booking charge is required at the time you make a whole of lodge booking.  The balance of the charge owing is due not later than 1 month before the booking start date. The booking deposit and booking reservation will be forfeited if the balance amount remains unpaid before booking starts.

The lodge should be left clean, locked and in good order.

Should the lodge be left in an unsatisfactory state of cleanliness then the person responsible for the booking may be charged the full cost for professional cleaning. The cost for this cleaning may exceed $500.

For whole of lodge bookings, the number of people aged 5 years or more (at the time of lodge use) staying in the lodge must not exceed the licenced bed numbers for the lodge. This must include an allowance for the lodge manager(s) where appropriate. Details are available from the Administration Manager at time of booking.

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