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Covid-19 is having a very significant impact on all our lives and it is also impacting Brindabella Ski Club. These are unprecedented times.

Lodge closures

Over the weekend we took the difficult decision to close all our lodges and cancel all bookings. These cancellations have been processed with full refunds.  Multiple State Governments have already enacted travel restrictions and it is likely that restrictions will tighten. In the current environment we are unable to provide a safe workplace for our lodge manager with members visiting who may carry the disease asymptomatically. With much of the cleaning done by members as they leave, we are currently unable to guarantee a safe environment for incoming members. These closures will remain in effect indefinitely as we learn how this pandemic unfolds.

Bookings on hold

We have had to put all bookings on hold indefinitely. We continue to assess the situation and will advise if we are able to open bookings. If we are able to open bookings it is likely that we will need to impose tighter restrictions than normal, for example we may need to limit occupancy to somewhat lower than normal to facilitate social distancing.

AGM deferred

We are unable to hold our AGM this weekend as planned due to closure of the venue, travel restrictions, legislation and the Club Rules. Legislation and our Club Rules do not allow us to use teleconferencing or any similar method. As many regular attendees are in a group at high risk from Covid-19 it would not be responsible of us to hold it under the current circumstances. We have been allowed to defer indefinitely and will advise members when we are able to set a new date, likely after winter.

We will publish the audited accounts, President’s and Treasurer’s reports on the website by the weekend so that all members will be able to see the reports that would normally have been presented at the AGM.

Membership fees will not change this year – they will be as set at the last AGM.

Current committee members will continue to hold their positions until we are able to hold the AGM. As allowed under the Club Rules, the committee will appoint two members to additional committee positions with full committee rights. Greg Wicks and Ben Coutts were expecting to stand for election at the AGM for the committee positions of VP Management and Information Officer respectively.

Future of Brindabella Ski Club

We all hope that the ski resorts will open this year and that we will be able to accommodate members in our lodges. However we must face the possibility of a season in which neither of these is possible. This will be a huge disappointment to members and it will also have a very significant financial impact on your club. I will provide more detail in the President’s Report that will be published later this week. What I will say now is that Brindabella Ski Club will survive. While a season with no accommodation revenue would be very painful, it will not threaten the viability of the club.


Stay safe


James Lawrence

President, Brindabella Ski Club


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15/5/2020 – Covid-19 and your ski holiday


Dear Members,

As winter approaches and our thoughts turn to planning for ski holidays this year, many members will be keenly looking forward to enjoying a great time in the Club’s marvellous lodges, in pursuit of a few fantastic turns in that wondrous white stuff we all enjoy so much.

As we make those plans we all need to consider the possible impact that Covid-19 may have on our plans. Members in categories that have been identified as at increased risk of serious consequences from the disease, including older members, those with chronic health conditions and smokers, may wish to carefully consider the risks involved in staying in close proximity to others in a closed winter environment. All of us need to remember that our health and the health of the community around us is of paramount importance.

It is hard to predict how the spread of Covid-19 might impact on the Club’s operations this year. The situation is evolving rapidly and factors outside the control of the Club and its members may have a material impact on members’ ability to travel or the Club’s ability to run our lodges.

The club is currently formulating policy for the coming winter, drawing on members with appropriate expertise to formulate that policy. This policy will have a number of aspects that may impact on members’ experience during booking and staying in the lodges. It will consider the need for members to cancel their stay as well as the possibility that the club may need to cancel member’s bookings, for example due to policy imposed from outside the Club or due to isolation of a lodge due to illness within the lodge. We are also considering when it will be appropriate to open bookings.

The Club will publicise the policy prior to opening bookings so that members may consider it in their holiday planning.

Please continue to follow the advice from relevant competent authorities as our society works to slow the spread of Covid-19. The better we can control its spread, the lower the peak infection rate will be and the better the health system will cope with the peak.

Here’s hoping that the impact of this virus is controlled and minimised, and I hope to see many of you enjoying the snow this season.

James Lawrence
Brindabella Ski Club


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